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Local Carolina boy made good Michael Jordan held a basketball camp this week, and look who was in attendance: our pal Denny Hamlin!

The event made news for Jordan's awkward "he's still got it, but just barely" dunk, but that's not why we're here. The Charlotte Observer broke down the event, in which everyday joes and janes got to trade elbows with His Airness as well as Hamlin. Here's the part that's relevant for our purposes:

Hamlin wears a sleeveless black shirt instead of the gray Jordan Brand T-shirt everybody else does, and Jordan makes a point of telling him this. I ask Hamlin, who looks and moves like an athlete, who the most talented basketball player among the drivers is.

"Probably Elliott Sadler," he says.

The most talented driver might be Kyle Busch. I tell Hamlin that Kyle Busch would be a better answer.

"No," says Hamlin. "He's very unathletic."

Ouch. Hamlin, of course, has a marketing agreement with Jordan, so it's not surprising to see him at the event. Still, since he has a history of injury on the basketball court, we're guessing Joe Gibbs Racing wasn't all that thrilled with this.

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