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The Daytona 500 is Fox's chance to impress viewers with their NASCAR coverage for their 13 races, and while the literal pothole threw them -- and NASCAR -- a curveball bigger than any one Barry Zito could dream of, Fox's telecast had plenty of figurative potholes.

For most of the red flag coverage, Fox did an acceptable job. Filler sucks during live sporting events, and this wasn't any different. I was impressed with the number of different driver and crew chief interviews, and while the line of questioning during these red flags isn't always the best, the diversity made up for it. And given all of the time that Fox had to fill, you-know-who had to be brought up.

No, not Digger. Danica.

Darrell Waltrip continued his newfound obsession with her, while Chris Myers stumbled attempting to frame Danica's stock car success in a sociological context, saying (I think) that Danica could be some sort of leader of a modern women's empowerment movement. Bizarre.

The director of the race telecast seemed a little rusty, clearly missing Ryan Newman's accident even though the smoke was visible from the main camera on TV at the time. I completely understand not catching every single wreck as it happens live, because that's almost impossible. But it seemed like it took hours for Fox to finally cut to Newman's smashed-up race car.

But for me, the low point of Fox's broadcast was the cheering from Waltrip during Junior's last lap charge. I understand Darrell cheering for Michael as Michael won his 500, and I understand that he has a soft spot in his heart for Junior. However, you just can't openly cheer for a driver who's not a family member to win the race, no matter how good his last-lap drive is. Of course, he tried to mask that by rooting for Jamie McMurray as soon as it was evident that Junior wasn't going to win, but the last lap made his Kevin Harvick love throughout the race look like a schoolgirl crush.

Quote of the Race: "Everybody loves Dick!" - Jeff Hammond, expressing everyone's love for Dick ... Berggren.

Overall Grade: D. Yeah, that's pretty harsh, but the whole broadcast seemed discombobulated after the second restart. Fox was having a pretty solid telecast, but the missed crash and DW's cheering brought the broadcast down considerably.

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