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Kurt Busch, weary of the 2x2 racing at Daytona, decides to turn things 90 degrees while at Vegas. Greg Biffle and Jeff Gordon appear unimpressed. And you? Caption this photo, if you please.

After the jump, Carl Edwards ... jumps!

1. Carl got an offer from Rick Hendrick so he climbed out of the ol' 99. Jack Roush was not happy.

2. Carl was heels over head with excitement.

3. But before Carl could "land" the deal, Hendrick announced that he had re-signed Jr.

4. Carl crawled back to Jack Roush.

And the Russian judge gives that landing a 1.4.

The Great Carl, Carl, Carl and their other brother Carl's sudden loss of footing leads to the collapse of their human pyramid.

Quickdraw McGraw:
Carl Edwards truly can do all as he performs a front flip from the apron of the race track to the window of his car. Notably, his hair never moves.

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