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Create-a-caption: ‘I keep trying, but I can’t escape my shadow.’We generally like our Create-a-Captions to be horizontal for aesthetics' sake, but this one's too much fun: Kurt Busch and Matt Kenseth doing ... something at the track. Figure it out, and you get a round of applause!

After the jump, Jimmie Johnson shakes his thang on the catwalk ... or what passes for it in Dover.

Create-a-caption: Jimmie does a little turn on the catwalk

Jimmie tries to stay loose in loose off through the corner as he approaches the steel cage and Kurt Busch.

Jimmie: Come on guys, show some enthusiasm. My drive for six is still alive.
By-stander: That's the problem.

Dick Smothers:
Jimmie Johnson generously holds up two thumbs for the Busch brothers to suck on.

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