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Create-a-caption: ‘Can you sign it, “Kyle Busch stinks!”?’

Kevin Harvick obliges a few of his fans ... or a few of Jeff Gordon's fans, it looks like. Anyway, what might he be writing here? You know, don't you? Have at it.

After the jump, Justin Allgaier is in a spot of trouble with his crew.

Create-a-caption: ‘There’s the guy that stole our beer! Git ‘im!’

You guys are not adhering to the sacred "If this car's a knockin'" rule.

Proof that some people can screw up a one car parade.

Though the pit crew hoped Justin Allgaier would take them all to safety, it was all a cruel joke - the car only had room for one.

"Wait a minute! He went out with your wife, too?"

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