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Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Lance McGrew size up their options in the 2010 season. (Not on the options list for Dale: a razor.) What might the 88 team be saying? Make your best guess.

After the jump, Tony Stewart and Mark Martin talk about the future.

Tony: "Hey, Mark, who's that little dork hanging out in your teammate's garage?"
Mark: "Harrison Burton? It's Jeff's kid."
Tony: "No, no, I know Jeff's kid...I steal his Twinkies all the time. Poor kid has no idea what's going on. It's awesome."
Mark: "Well, who are you talking about then?"
Tony: "The dorkasaurus over in the 97 garage. Big ears, big teeth, big mouth..."
Mark: "...aaaaaaaah, you're talking about Kurt's little brother. Whatsisname...Lyle, Myles, Nyles...can't remember..."
Tony: "Well, tell him if he doesn't quit asking for my autograph that I'll punt him like I did that reporter's tape recorder."

Doug C:
Mark: So we agree then?
Tony: Yup. You promise not to hang on five years too long and I promise I won't balloon to the size of a small moon.

"I wouldn't be worried about this Jimmie Johnson guy. He is just a back marker. It's not like he is going to win any championships."

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