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My little brother was at Martinsville on Sunday and took this fine shot of what sure looks like the remains of a fight in the Harvick pit stall. Check that dude on the right -- he got knocked the heck out! Caption this photo, friends; there's plenty to work with here.

After the jump, Matt Kenseth tries to play some solo rock-paper-scissors.

Jim T:
Matt: "Junior, this is my final offer. I'll trade you my Cup championship and my Daytona 500 win this year for your last name." 

heathenlycreature with this precioussss offering:
Biffle: Hand over the ring, Kenseth, I'm on strict orders from Gandalf to toss that thing into the fires of Mount Doom!

Cale P:
Biff: "You fell for Junior's hand buzzer again ... you hopeless, useless twit."

Richard T:
Junior finally discloses the punchline to the Obama/Clinton riding on an elephant joke.  (Now THAT'S a callback! I can't even remember where we started that one!)

(Hat tip to all the shocker/prom night references. You'll understand why we can't post those here, of course.)

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