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Create-a-caption: ‘I’m in your head.’ ‘No, I’m in YOUR head.’

Carl Edwards and Tony Stewart are giving each other the psych-out. But what might they be saying to each other? You know, don't you? Have your say right here.

After the jump, the Joe Gibbs guys are having fun at Joey Logano's expense.

Create-a-caption: ‘You think we should tell him the race is over?

"Don't tell anyone I said this, Kyle, but watching a car drive in circles is boring."

Dick Smothers:
Kyle: "What's the #20 doing out there?"
Denny: "Logano is racing his shadow again."

Moobs and Hamster watch as their "You have to finish the race if you are 20 laps down" joke stopped being funny 10 laps ago.

Kyle: What's up with Joey?
Denny: He heard about Reutimann and Ragan, so he thinks if he never parks, he won't be next.

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