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For those of you who don't immediately cringe at the thought of stick-and-ball sports, there's a rather large story involving that rather large man there on the right. LeBron James is a free agent and may walk from his previous team of Cleveland. Naturally, this has everyone in the NBA in an utter tizzy — the cities that could get him are giddy, and the city that could lose him is borderline suicidal. (Cleveland fans make Junior fans look calm, controlled and rationally hopeful for the future.)

Anyway, Chicago is one of the teams in the hunt for LeBron, and everybody's getting in on the action. Chicagoland Speedway president Craig Rust has offered to rename his joint "LeBron James Speedway" for the upcoming race weekend July 9-10 should LeBron sign with the hometown Bulls. Rust told LeBron he'd be named the "king" of the speedway, and that all proceeds from the sale of "LeBron James Speedway" merchandise would go to a local charity.

It's a fun, goofy little gesture, and very much in line with the carnival-like atmosphere of track promotion these days. And heck, it's not nearly the most embarrassing plea that James is receiving. This is, by far. Oh, Cleveland. 

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