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Chad Ochocinco gets a taste of the NASCAR life

HAMPTON, Ga. - Football players gotta do what they can to stay busy these days, even if that means changing a few tires.

Chad Ochocinco joined Jeff Burton at Atlanta Motor Speedway Thursday morning for a look inside the life of a NASCAR driver and pit crew. Ochocinco, who's already tried his hand at bull riding and pro soccer and wants to have a go at alligator wrestling, took a ride with Burton and then, while Burton darted off to Daytona Beach, tried some pit maneuvers with the 31's crew. Video of that is below.

"It's so cool that someone who has dedicated his life to one sport is able to show people what it's like in another sport," Burton said afterward. "It was a great experience for him, and it gave us some great exposure for our sport."

Ochocinco didn't take the wheel; as he noted, "I probably would have put the car into the wall in Turn 1." But he went out of his way to praise both Burton and his colleagues: "People don't understand how much skill and danger is involved," he said. "It's a game of inches, and we were out there by ourselves. I can't imagine what it's like with 30, 40 other guys out there."

After the drive, Ochocinco participated in an impromptu pit stop, where he learned the art of the tire changer:

And next, he tried to jack up a car, and found it's not quite as easy as it looks:

If Burton manages to break his season-long winless streak at Daytona, Ochocinco may get a few more invitations to ride shotgun next week.

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