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While the rest of NASCAR was holed up in their homes with pillows over their heads to shut out the drumbeat of bad news, Carl Edwards was over in London doing what drivers are supposed to do -- drive. Edwards and Formula Drift racer Tanner Foust made up the USA team in the international Race of Champions at Wembley Stadium on Sunday.

Edwards pulled off the greatest upset of the event, knocking off racing legend Michael Schumacher in the second round. Although Edwards didn't win the whole deal -- Sebastian Loeb of France did -- Carl proved that he's one of the world's best drivers, and that our NASCAR guys can hang with any of those open-wheel snoots any day of the week.

As part of the festivities, Edwards was named the best driver in the world by an eight-member panel of judges. Cousin Carl took home the Tag Heuer Racing Award by posting the finest performance of more than 150 drivers across Formula One, GP2, NASCAR, and the World Rally Championship. That, friends, is a hell of an achievement.

And it would've been even cooler for Edwards if Jimmie Johnson hadn't swept in, cut right in front of Edwards, and snagged the trophy right off the podium. Damn you, Jimmie! You did it again!

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