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At Sonoma, Boris Said's crew chief Frankie Stoddard called Tony Stewart a fat hockey puck* after Stewart slammed into Said's car on the cool-down lap, mad about contact between the two in the waning laps of the race.

Then, Said was in the no. 26 Latitude 43 Motorsports car. On Sunday, Said was in the no. 83 for Red Bull Racing and Jimmy Elledge was his crew chief. Had Stoddard been crew chiefing for Said Sunday, there's no telling what he would have said to Stewart after the race.

Said and Stewart both hung around the back of the top 10 for a good portion of the race and when they were looking for the same real estate off of turn one, neither budged. Stewart was on Said's outside the whole time while Said had the preferred line and tried to push Stewart as wide as possible. Stewart contended he held his line. Said said he didn't know what else he should have done differently. The result? Said ended up in the wall.


To his credit -- or your disappointment if you were looking for verbal fireworks -- Said played it cool while being interviewed. 

Stewart said that he didn't know what exactly happened. From

“I don’t know, I’d like to know,” Stewart said when asked what transpired. “Kevin [Harvick] got underneath him in [Turn] 6, Boris was to the right, so I went in behind Kevin. I took the outside. We went through [Turn] 7 just fine, went down the front straightaway and into [Turn] 1 just fine. Coming off there, he just kept coming left, coming left. I’m at the edge of the road; I can’t go any further to the left. I don’t know what else to do. I’ve got to hold my position. I can’t let him run me off the race track either.

"Boris is one of the best guys out there. But for some reason, we’re like magnets to each other out here. I’d rather it be somebody else that I was getting into it instead of him because I like him and I like racing with him. He’s an awesome racer.”

But Stewart may not be the only driver that Said ran off turn one on Sunday. Greg Biffle was shoved off the track in turn one after being sandwiched in the middle on a restart, and while his post race comments didn't name names, Said is one of only suspects as he was the only road course ringer near the top 10.

"It sucks when you have to drive with people with their heads in the wrong place," Biffle said. "He did the same thing every restart. The guy is hanging on to the top-10 barely and races this race once a year or whatever. He bonzai's the corner three-wide in turn one because that is the only place he could make a pass on the restart. Anyone can do that. He just jammed it in there three wide and Kevin (Harvick) was already turning in, I was already turning in. There was no place for it.”

*No, he didn't call Stewart a hockey puck. Think rhyming and alliteration.

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