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It's the end of the decade, and we're counting down the best and worst of NASCAR from the past 10 years. And now, we're up to wrecks. We've ranked the worst of the decade, but we have to note that these are all non-fatal ones. We love seeing a little sheet metal crumple, but that's about as far as we go. Sit back, buckle up, and get ready to watch some insurance deductibles skyrocket.

10. Jimmie Johnson, Nationwide Series, Watkins Glen, 2000: Johnson lost his brakes and plowed straight into the wall at Watkins Glen. Considering the way he leaped onto his car and celebrated afterward, I'm guessing he's no relation to the four-time champion of today.

9. Jeff Gordon, Las Vegas, 2008: Gordon was lucky his car wasn't ripped in half by the impact on the inside wall at Vegas.

8. Ryan Newman, Talladega, 2009: One of the scarier wrecks of the 2009 season, Newman landed roof-down, and fans had a few nervous moments as they wondered the extent of his injuries. Turns out, there were almost none.

7. Chad Chaffin, truck series, Daytona, 2005: Not a major wreck initially, but this one makes the list because of Chaffin's style points -- he flipped, landed right back on his wheels, and tried to get back into the race without losing a lap.

6. Kenny Wallace and friends, Talladega, 2002: If there had been fog on the track,  you could have understood this pileup, but man, the cars just kept coming, didn't they?

5. Mike Harmon, Bristol, 2005: How Harmon lived through this one is a mystery. A happy one, certainly, but a mystery nonetheless.

4. Elliott Sadler, Talladega, 2003: Elliott goes flying! Fly away, little No. 38, fly away!

3. Carl Edwards, Talladega, 2009: Edwards' famous wall-wipe cost him a chance at his only win in 2009, but he gained plenty of new fans when he made the rounds of the talk shows after this wreck:

2. Geoff Bodine, truck series, Daytona, 2000: At the very first truck series race at Daytona, Bodine's truck hit the fence and exploded into a fireball. And Bodine was fine. Amazing.

1. Michael McDowell, Texas, 2008. It looked like he was destined for the hereafter, but McDowell squeezed out, dusted himself off and went on his way. Sans car, of course.

All right, your turn. What did we miss? What needs to be moved? Feel free to add links to video below. Have at it!

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