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Who doesn't love riding in a Ferrari? Nobody, that's who. But who actually gets to ride in a Ferrari? Almost nobody, that's who. Until now. Behold the Formula Rossa roller coaster, the world's fastest coaster and the centerpiece of the brand-spankin'-new Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. Strap in:

Sweet mother of mercy, that's awesome. The coaster, which opened on Nov. 4, reaches a top speed of nearly 150 mph in less than four seconds, pinning riders to the seat with 1.7 Gs. 

More details: the cars get launched onto the 1.2-mile-long track with a hydraulic system similar to that which fires planes off the decks of aircraft carriers. And due to the speed and the frequent dust storms in Abu Dhabi, all riders are required to wear safety goggles.

For more info, check out Ferrari World right here. [Visor tip: Axis of Oversteer.]

And for purposes of comparison, a look at NASCAR's competing entry in the coaster series, the Intimidator 305, follows below.

Which one would make you lose your lunch faster?

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