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Who could ever get mad at Jimmie Johnson? That lovable scruff, those puppydog eyes! And yet somehow, Kurt Busch has managed to get all up on the reigning three-time champion! What's up with that, huh?

What's up with that is that Busch doesn't think much of the 48's mystique after a couple of dustups in Sonoma and Chicago. Most recently, Busch got a little hot after Johnson, who was sliding backward off the lead. They thumped once, and Busch then appeared to turn into Johnson. (You can check out the video here.)

While Johnson hung on and finished 8th, Busch plummeted to 17th. "A couple of runs spoiled by the 48 car," Busch fumed afterward. "I'm not digging it."

Johnson exuded Yodalike calm and admirable grammatical skills in his response. "He's one of those guys that his temper can get away from him," Johnson said after the race. "When he first hit me it was like, all right, man, this is racing. This isn't necessary. And then he backed off."

"This isn't necessary"? Come on, Jimmie. You need to bring more than that. How about calling out Urt with a little Shaq-style "Tell me how my tailpipe tastes!" I'm a big Johnson fan -- wait, that came out wrong, but you know what I mean -- but one thing the guy's got to do is bring some more heat when beef is on.

Kurt Busch, Johnson trade paint, words [AP via Yahoo! Sports]

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