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Another secret fine? Was Newman fined again by NASCAR?In the wake of the Richard Childress-Kyle Busch kerfuffle, a question arose: Was Ryan Newman punished for his alleged incident with Juan Pablo Montoya in the NASCAR hauler?

If you remember, after the two drivers got together at Richmond, Newman and Montoya met with NASCAR at Darlington. After NASCAR said that the meeting did not go as well as they hoped it would, word spread that Newman punched Montoya.

Childress was fined $150,000 and put on probation through the end of the year for allegedly punching Busch after putting him in a headlock. Was Newman fined?

NASCAR and Newman aren't saying.

From the AP's Jenna Fryer:

But rumors of the penalty began to leak on Monday in response to NASCAR fining owner Richard Childress $150,000 for attacking Kyle Busch after Saturday's trucks race at Kansas Speedway.

Newman, through a spokeswoman, declined to comment.

NASCAR spokesman Kerry Tharp also refused to comment on whether Newman was fined.

"Anything relevant to discussions that NASCAR has with competitors in the hauler will continue to stay between NASCAR and the competitors, and NASCAR will always work to protect that bridge of confidence," Tharp told The Associated Press.

Let's face it. If NASCAR didn't fine Newman, they'd say so, right? If they didn't, there's nothing to hide. By no commenting, at the minimum, it gives the impression that there is something to hide. You know that saying perception is reality? That applies in this case.

This would be the second such instance of a secret fine for Newman, who was fined last year for his comments about Talladega and the whole situation is yet another reason why the fans have so much distrust in the sanctioning body.

Last year's "secret" fines didn't stay secret for very long, so why would it be any different in this case? With a golden opportunity to say that no, NASCAR didn't do what it did last year, it is instead declining to say anything, leaving many to believe the same thing that they would if NASCAR would simply say "yes."

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