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Yesterday, we threw open the gates for nominations for the Marbles-backed write-in candidate for the 2009 All-Star race. And we got some fine nominating speeches for a variety of candidates, from David Reutimann to Derrike Cope. After reviewing them all, we've decided on a candidate, and we hope you'll join us in pushing for change -- or, at least, another driver.

Ladies and gentlemen, The Marbles endorses the 2009 All-Star candidacy of ... A.J. Allmendinger!

Yes, we're giving our support to the 'Dinger. (We'll try to get him on the blog next week to give him the good news.) There are many reasons why, but I'll let commenter JJ list it off:

Here is my case for A.J. Allmendinger. I know he's not the most sexy pick, but here me out:

1) He was turned out part way through the '08 season. He was given two options: watch the season finish up from his couch on Sundays and hope that someone picks you up for the '09 season; or race like there's no tomorrow and prove to the car owners that you have a wealth of driving talent and ought to be given a full-time gig. This is precisely what Allmendinger managed to do. He subbed in on teams that he was not intimately familar with, yet nonetheless he posted many top 10 finishes.

2) He faced a similar scenario to begin this racing year. He was supposed to have a full-time ride throughout the year, but then there was a shortage of money and all of a sudden there is one less car to drive. So, Allmendinger is forced to find some sponsorship money in, what, a booming economy? Not quite. Nonetheless, b/c of his early sucess and b/c he had the type of talent that deserves sponsorship backing, Allmendinger found the sponsors that would allow him to continue racing full-time for the rest of the 2009 season.

3) He finished second in the crown jewel of NASCAR races: the Daytona 500. For anyone who thinks that finishing second is the first loser, think again. At least not at this race. Allmendinger put in a solid performance that led to a solid finish. Daytona is a difficult place to race, and it is even more dificult to maintain a top 5 track position in the closing laps. Allmendinger did both successfully. His second place finish here was instrumental in his securing sponsorship money for the rest of 2009.

4) The guy's last name is Allmendinger! Anyone that survives elementary school with that kind of last name deserves a tip of the hat.

5) He is a Yahoo! Sports writing alumni. Last season he had a bi-weekly column know as "Dinger Unleashed." Surely From the Marbles respects a fellow alum.

6) He is the epitome of everything that is American. He had to fight to keep his head above water. He was faced with adversity, yet overcame it. And most of all, he is an underdog. What American doesn't love the underdog?

Here's to throwing some Marblehead weight in favor of A.J. Allmendinger!

Sold! So get on over to the All-Star site and vote, vote, vote!

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