NASCAR Speed Freaks: Did Logano go too far at Darlington, or is there no more "too far"?

Did Joey Logano cross the line or just inch us closer to "going too far" to win?

KEN'S CALL: In big-picture terms, it's hard to categorize Joey's move as "incrementalism," but I have to think we're getting closer and closer to a referee's reversal if things continue to escalate.

DEAN'S DIRT: Nah, just hide it a little better in the future. Appearances are everything, Joey.

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How 'bout Kyle Busch's latest move, leaving his damaged car in the way of pit lane and walking away?

KEN'S CALL: We know the deal with Kyle. He'll change around the fringes but still be Kyle. Speaking big-picture again, the sport needs a "villain/brat," and for now he'll do.

DEAN'S DIRT: I live for people crying over Kyle Busch. Park it in Turn 4 next time, Rowdy!

This article originally appeared on The Daytona Beach News-Journal: NASCAR Speed Freaks: Is Joey Logano really a moron, or does anything go?