NASCAR Racing Experience rolls out custom Panthers stock car

The Carolina Panthers are on the fast track in 2024 . . . literally.

As they broke off of this year’s final leg of organized team activities, the squad took a bit of a field trip to Charlotte Motor Speedway this week. The visit included a thrilling pit crew competition, an inspiring talk from NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon and, of course, some trips around the track.

Oh, and some of the players were able to take those trips around the track in this beauty . . .

The custom wrap, per Darin Gantt of, was ordered by vice president of player affairs Kevin Winston. The car will remain part of the NASCAR Racing experience stable for the rest of the year.

Gantt was able to get a few words from guard Robert Hunt, who somehow fit his 6-foot-6, 323-pound frame in the ride.

“It was fun. It was an experience. I’m glad I did it,” Hunt said. “Would I do it again? Maybe not, but I did it today. I was pretty nervous, and the car was all crammed on me. So I’m like, God, please let me get through these couple of laps to get done, man. But I enjoyed the ride.

“The car was a little cramped on my back, and there wasn’t a lot of room to move my legs, but we got through it. Yeah, it ain’t meant for me, man. I’m meant to be on the football field, or a basketball court, you know what I mean? Something outside where I can move, and you know, get some space. I can’t do nothing in there, man. It’s too little.”

Story originally appeared on Panthers Wire