27 Photos That Serve As A Terrifying Reminder Of How Much Of A Speck You Really Are In Our Enormous Universe

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This month, NASA released the deepest infrared image of the universe to date.

From a scientific standpoint, this photo is obviously very exciting. But for people like me — who are in a chronic existential crisis — it's honestly quite terrifying. Everything around us is so vast, and we are so, so small in comparison!!!!! HELP!!!!


Anyway, there's something called "megalophobia" that made me feel a little less alone in my anxiety. It's the intense fear of large objects, and applies to anything ranging from buildings, to monuments, to bodies of water. If these 27 photos make you panic, you might just be megalophobic:

1. This birds-eye view of the Pacific Ocean:

2. This hotel that looks like it's about to crush the streets of Macau:

3. This itty-bitty boat under an enormous bridge:

4. This windshield grasshopper that looks like it's going Godzilla on a town:

5. This horrifying blanket of clouds:

6. This "underwater cliff":

7. This oil rig platform that's 15 times the size of the hotel right next to it:

8. This ground floor perspective of St. Peter's Basilica:

9. This enormous mountain on Mars:

10. The wild screenshot from Dune:

11. This disorienting snapshot of the African Renaissance Monument:

Credit: Ian Rutherford / Alamy

12. This photoshopped image of a comet next to LA that'll probably haunt my dreams for years to come:

13. This street view of Mt. Fuji:

14. This daunting dam:

15. This old, enormous ship:

16. This model of a stadium that seats a million:

17. This little human in a big mine:

18. This ancient bird that's 10 times the size of a human:

19.And this ancient millipede:

a huge millipede

20. This monstrous tree:

21. This seemingly endless crevasse:

22. This big ol' bed:

23. This dizzying fire escape:

24. This unending trail:

25. These massive air conditioners:

26. This 400-pound whale heart:

27. And finally, this gigantic clock:

H/T: r/megalophobia