Napping Queens man found with arsenal of weapons in Port Authority Midtown bus terminal

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A Queens man sleeping in the Port Authority’s Midtown bus terminal early Saturday was outfitted with a small arsenal of weapons, according to officials and sources.

Port Authority cops came across Francisco Vicente, 36, about 4 a.m. napping in the north wing of the terminal — an area known as the long-haul level — in a lounge that’s set aside for ticketed passengers.

When they searched him after he admitted he didn’t have a ticket, they found an assault-style rifle, two loaded magazines, dozens of rounds of ammunition and a 7-inch Bowie knife, authorities said. He also had small amounts of crack and marijuana on him.

Vicente has been detained pending charges of trespassing, criminal possession of weapons and possession of controlled substance.

Sources said the rifle was an Anderson AM-15, which resembles the M-4 assault rifle used widely by the military and police. It retails for about $500.

Vicente purchased the weapon in Miami after his ex’s mother allegedly stabbed him, said law enforcement sources. The man was trying to get to Pennsylvania to sell the rifle and ammo, sources said.