Naomi Osaka and Cordae Seemingly Responded to Those Breakup Rumors

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Photo credit: Allen Berezovsky - Getty Images
Photo credit: Allen Berezovsky - Getty Images

Naomi Osaka is one of the best athlete in the world, but despite the huge spotlight on her that comes with being a tennis pro, she's pretty private about her personal life. However! We do know a bit about her boyfriend Cordae and their sweet relationship, because they simply can't help being cute all over social. So, if you're in the mood for a deep dive, you've arrived at the right spot. And first of all...

Nope, Those Breakup Rumors Aren't True

There was a ton of weird, misplaced speculation in early August 2022 that Naomi and Cordae (who was previously part of the hip-hop collective YBN) had split up, but not so much. TMZ says the pair is actually doing "better than ever," is "happily in love," and has been "spending even more time together recently" which make the breakup rumors kinda weird.

Oh, and they seemingly responded to the speculation with this:

Naomi's Boyfriend Is a Grammy Nominee

In other words, they're both at the top of their game. Naomi is also super supportive of Cordae, and during the release of his second album From a Birds Eye View, she wrote on Insta: "Makes you feel like some people are born to do certain things, @cordae you're a star and a light, quite literally brighten up every room you walk in (or maybe it's your hair lol). Congratulations on your 2nd album, proud of you."

Cordae and Naomi Intentionally Keep Things Low-Key

Cordae opened up about their relationship—and the decision to keep things (mostly) private—to GQ, saying, "We were dating for almost a year before people knew about us. So we kind of move very reclusively. We don't really post intimate moments, because I feel as though they're sacred. A relationship is really a sacred thing. Once you let outside influences get into it, it becomes less sacred."

Meanwhile, Naomi said Cordae was super supportive during the 2020 U.S. Open, explaining, "During the whole New York thing and with everything that was going on, I started to feel really depressed. Sometimes I would call Cordae, and maybe in some of the calls I would cry. I don't remember. And he flew out, even though he was really busy. I really appreciated that. I'm not sure if I've told him that. I feel like he actually really helped me win just, like, keeping up the motivation."

He Recently Launched a Record Label

It's called Hi Level, and Cordae started it in 2021 after leaving YBN. "I started Hi Level to open the door for other creatives," he said during an interview with the Recording Academy. "Hi Level is a record label, but it's also a way of life—a mantra, if you would. I always say that everything I do, I must do it at the highest level that I'm capable of. So, when I see Hi Level, it's sort of a reminder of that and what it represents. Allowing creatives—and even non-creatives, just anybody from any walk of life—allowing them to have that mentality or reminding them to have that mentality."

Music Is Like Therapy to Him

Cordae also told the Recording Academy that writing songs is "therapy for me," especially when it comes to difficult topics like the loss of his grandmother and close friend.

"Writing songs is therapy for me, so it's never really that hard writing it. Recording can get a little tough, but actually listening to it—that can be therapeutic too, but when I re-listen to, like, the end of "Westlake High," I can get a little emotional. "Momma's Hood," I get a little emotional."

He's Written Some Lyrics About Naomi

Take "Dream in Color," for example, which includes the lyrics like “My girl would forfeit a tennis match to meet my grandmama/Man, she truly a keeper."

And nope, Naomi doesn't mind the refs. “It doesn't cross my mind that often because he always asks permission,” she told “But, yeah, I mean, I feel like that's the most amazing part about it. He actually writes his lyrics. He has to take the time to actually experience the things that he does. It's a really fascinating process.”

His First Date With Naomi Was at a Clippers Game

And he made a great first impression. "I just remember seeing that there were so many people who wanted to take a picture with him," she told GQ. "And I just thought it was really cool how friendly and welcoming he was with everyone."

Cordae also didn't know Naomi played tennis at the time, admitting, "It’s not my sport. If you asked me about tennis, before being immersed in it because of Naomi, I could only give you Venus and Serena Williams, you know? Because they’re just a part of the culture."

They're Very Public About Their Love on Insta

Yeah, they keep things pretty private in general, but who wouldn't want to post these gems?

And They've Made Some Epic Red Carpet Appearances

Mostly this is an excuse for me to drop this amazing Met Gala moment:

Photo credit: ANGELA WEISS - Getty Images
Photo credit: ANGELA WEISS - Getty Images

Naomi Tours With Him

Though, she doesn't love it. As she put it, “I realize that I much prefer the tennis tour. I don’t like, I don’t like his tour at all. Not like specifically his tour, but like artist tour. It’s really tough. They (artists) literally move every night and I don’t know like I feel like in the tennis tour you at least get like a couple, a week to like settle down; explore the city, but they literally only have a couple hours to do that if even so.”

Anyway, in love with their love, that's all!

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