Naomi Osaka's boyfriend thought he could beat her at tennis; it didn't go well

It’s unnecessary to put into context how good Naomi Osaka is at tennis. Great, actually.

Osaka is a three-time Grand Slam champion currently ranked No. 3 in the world. Her breakout moment came at the 2018 US Open when she defeated Serena Williams in the final for her first title. The 23-year-old passed Williams earlier this year as the highest-paid female athlete in the world.

Yet her boyfriend, the rapper Cordae, apparently still thought he could win a match against the star.

“That worked out well. That was fantastic,” Osaka says, dripping in sarcasm, to close a TikTok video that goes about as well as you might expect it to go.

(Warning: language)

A few things to point out here, because, wow, did this not go well for Cordae.

First, Osaka appears to be holding the phone to film this while playing. To have the dexterity to catch the action while also using the other hand for an on-target shot is impressive. How many backyard tennis players sail that over the fence?

Then, there’s the fact she didn’t even give him a real serve to handle. That’s for the best since Osaka won 75 percent of her first serves this year. Cordae probably also saw the Dude Perfect crew try and return Williams’ slowed-down serves a few years ago.

Good effort, Cordae. Everyone needs things to work on. Maybe Williams can get you into her 3-year-old daughter Olympia’s tennis lessons.

Naomi Osaka laughing on the bench.
Naomi Osaka got a laugh at her boyfriend's expense on TikTok. (AP Photo/Mark Baker)

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