Nancy Grace Visited By Murdered Fiancé on 'Hollywood Medium'

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Nancy Grace joined Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry who connected to the spirit of Grace's college fiancé Keith who was tragically murdered in 1979. Connecting to the tragic event, Tyler said, "This comes across like a robbery that ends up being a homicide." Grace said, "I'm sure you're referring to my fiancé who was murdered. We think as a mugging."

Grace went on to explain that Keith was working construction when a fired employee returned to the job site. She said, "He unloaded the whole gun on Keith, around his face, neck and back. And that's what happened. It was not an argument, they didn't really know each other. But he was at the wrong place at the wrong time."

Though Keith was tragically murdered, Tyler felt that Keith had remained very connected to Grace saying, "Your fiancé did try to come through, actually, interestingly, after he passed away, and he really tries to make strong appearances in dreams."

Grace was quite taken aback by what Tyler said because of a profound dream she had had, saying, "He came to me in a dream and told me to finally move on. 'To go on,' were his exact words."

That dream ended up changing Grace's life. She was able to move on from the tragedy, marrying her husband David and having her twin children. She said, "I would've continued grieving for Keith and never married, and known what have now been the happiest years of my life."

Nancy Grace is known for Good Morning America, guesting on various shows and her long running crime analysis show, Nancy Grace.

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