Names on shirts 'absolutely massive' for women's rugby - Malcolm

Rachel Malcolm admits she got "emotional" when she saw her name on the back of a Scotland shirt for the first time, before the Women's Six Nations.

This is the first year that female players will have their names on their jerseys, in a move similar to the men's game.

"It's super exciting and when I first saw [my shirt], when they gave it to me to come down here today, it was quite emotional seeing it, because that is so important to us," the Scotland skipper explained.

"It probably seems insignificant to people who watch sport. In women's and men's football, they've had it for as long as I can remember. That's why we know so many women and male footballers, because they've had the names on the shirts.

"For us as women in rugby, we've always been fighting against the tide, trying to grow our game and trying to get role models out there for young girls, young boys, whoever it may be.

"The difference that having the names on the shirts will have - young girls who want to play 15, looking at Chloe Rollie and getting her name on the back of their shirt - it's absolutely massive."

The Scotland captain says she knew very little about the women's game while growing up, but hopes to be part of a sea change when it comes to the sport.

"When I was wee, I didn't know women played rugby," Malcolm said. "I didn't know there was a Women's Six Nations. That is just down to - they weren't put out there. I knew there was a men's one, I watched the men's one, I went to the men's one, but I never knew there was a women's one.

"The more that we can get the personalities, the incredible people that we have within the sport, out there - and a simple thing like putting your name on the back of your shirt is just going to drive that so much.

"A massive part of why female rugby players play at this level is to inspire that next generation. This is just a really simple fix to help do that."