Naked Magician Shows Howie Mandel His Magic Trick

Superfan TV

On America's Got Talent, judge Howie Mandel was assisting magician Vinny Grosso with a simple card trick when all of a sudden things got very naked. Grosso wanted to prove to Mandel that he was emphatically NOT wearing a wire after Mandel selected a card from his deck. Ripping off his magician tux down to boxers was simply not enough, however, so Grosso got behind an appropriately placed screen to remove the final garment. With Mandel standing next to him he asked Mandel, "Am I wearing a wire?" to which Mandel responded "No," and "I can't unsee that."

Though Mandel confirmed that Grosso was definitely not wearing a wire, Tyra Banks wanted to make extra super sure there wasn't anything up his sleeve so she went to back of the stage to get an eyeful of where the screen was not.

With his eyes taped shut, birthday suit Grosso used his "superhuman sense of taste" to guess Howie's card correctly. Everyone was impressed but Heidi Klum was a bit jealous of Mandel's good fortune, asking, "Why did you pick Mel or I? I like to see things close up."

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