Naked fan on drugs at Bills game charged for going into construction pit at new stadium

A fan that attempted to attend the Buffalo Bills vs. Las Vegas Raiders game ended up at the wrong stadium.

It led to him being charged with criminal trespassing… along with a wild story from authorities.

Prior to the 1 p.m. kickoff, police responded to the construction site of the new Bills stadium, according to Erie Sheriff John Garcia. The location is currently a pit in the ground.

Authorities indicate this was only part of what happened.

The person only being identified as a 29-year-old man went inside a portable restroom, covered himself in the waste found inside, left, stripped down, and jumped the 10-foot fence to get inside the construction site.

Police said the person told authorities he was under the influence of a combination of alcohol, LSD, cocaine and marijuana.

Via WIVB-TV, here’s Garcia’s update of the incident:

“When you’re taking LSD, cocaine and marijuana, you’re going to not read the signs. You’re not going to read anything. You wouldn’t be in a porta potty jumping inside it, covering yourself with human excrement, you wouldn’t be doing that. This is a very isolated issue.”

“He scaled that fence right up, jump over the other side and next thing you know, he’s running toward the pit. By the time ECC security got behind him now this individual is falling, tumbling down into the pit. It happened so quickly, it’s a large site. You can’t have people every 6 feet. You never anticipate something like this to happen. We’re going to look at it and get better and work with our partners and give them some advice on getting better.”

The new Bills stadium is being constructed across Abbott Road, a roadway at the current Highmark Stadium. The pit is 30-feet deep but is not a direct fall.

Police indicate the person had only sustained minor injuries in the fall and the incident lasted a total of approximately 20 minutes. He was released on an appearance ticket.

Story originally appeared on Bills Wire