Najee Harris: Some in-house things need to change, need to be more disciplined

Steelers running back Najee Harris called Mike Tomlin "a great coach" while speaking to reporters after Monday's loss to the Bills and showed no desire to play for a different coach in Pittsburgh next season, but he did say that the status quo should not remain in place in 2024.

Harris said that "if we want to elevate and get where we are and achieve those goals that we want, we have to change some in-house stuff." Harris wasn't specific when it came to what kinds of changes he believes are necessary for the Steelers to push things back in a better direction, but did say that there is room for people to be more disciplined than they were this season.

"It's just the rules that are in the building," Harris said, via Brooke Pryor of "We got to be more disciplined. We got to be more committed. I'm not saying that we're not, but just coming from a place that has structure and just seeing we probably could get help in these areas. It might make a change. I think that that's something we could help. I'm not saying nothing about coaches or anything like that. I'm just saying more of just in-house rules. I'm just a player, but the guys in that building know what I'm talking about."

Harris may not want to say anything about the team's coaches, but rules are set at the top and changing them would fall on the staff, but it remains to be seen what the Steelers' full response to their 2023 campaign will be.