Mystery solved: Why Cowboys fans went full Black Friday when AT&T Stadium's doors opened

A view that only the fastest of Cowboys fans can enjoy during the playoffs. (AP Photo)
A view that only the fastest of Cowboys fans can enjoy during the playoffs. (AP Photo)

The Dallas Cowboys are seeking their first NFL playoffs win in four years on Saturday against the Seattle Seahawks and their fans are clearly excited to get a good look at the action.

How excited are they? Enough that a mob of Cowboys fans broke into a full sprint the second the doors opened at AT&T Stadium. The video that captured the entrance is so reminiscent of the infamous Black Friday crowds that you’d think the fans were told they had a free PlayStation 4 waiting for them under their seats.

Obviously, the idea of most fans sprinting to their seats is a somewhat silly idea to many given that professional sports are well-known for their use of assigned seating. But there’s a good reason why all of those Cowboys fans chose to run.

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Why Cowboys fans were sprinting into AT&T Stadium

The fans in the video had AT&T Stadium’s Party Pass tickets, which are standing room only. That means fans who are willing to do whatever it takes to reach the standing room sections first — and stay there — will be rewarded with a decent view of the end zone for relatively cheap.

You can see an angle that shows the fans reaching their destination here:

This isn’t even the first time we’ve seen a Running of the Party Pass Fans at a playoff game. You can only imagine what the scene would look like if the Cowboys ever hosted an NFC championship game.


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