A mysterious woman in a ski mask has TikTok transfixed

Fans were determined to figure out the real identity of "The Ski Mask Girl." Then she accidentally made the reveal herself. The Ski Mask Girl has over 2 million followers on TikTok and 172,000 on Instagram. She's known for making content exclusively in a ski mask or some type of face covering. In her first TikTok post ever, her face was obscured by her phone. You can briefly catch a glimpse of her unmasked, although she is wearing a small pair of sunglasses. In a later video, while wearing a pink ski mask, she alluded to how much she dreaded the idea of a face reveal. On Jan. 10, The Ski Mask Girl went live on TikTok covering her face with a bandana. Her dog quickly ripped the bandana off, revealing her face for just a second. However, she quickly turned away from the camera and later deleted the video. The YouTube channel Dailywoods TV captured the moment but used an emoji to cover the TikToker's face. it appears The Ski Mask Girl's secret identity is still safe

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