Myles Turner on trade rumors: ‘Honestly, I still get PTSD from that’

Myles Turner and his teammates won the Skill Challenge on Saturday to the delight of the home crowd. Turner told HoopsHype he hadn’t practiced for the competition and that he was simply “going to go with the flow.”

The nine-year veteran took time away from his busy schedule as an unofficial ambassador in Indianapolis to sit down and talk about the progression of his team, trade rumors, his partnership with STARRY, and more.

With your team's success this season, what has been different now compared to the past?

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Myles Turner: Honestly bro, our timeline has sped up a little bit. Obviously, we have made some additions this year. Obviously with [Pascal] Siakam and we got Doug [McDermott] in the fold right now. Tyrese [Haliburton] has taken the next step himself. I’ve taken a step in the leadership role. Our offense is at a historic pace right now, so a lot of things are working in our favor. We’re just continuing to stay the course.

It was reported that you were Pascal Siakam’s dream teammate after KD. What does that mean to you?

MT: Just getting that respect around the league… respect from a champion at that. Obviously, it means a lot. People are seeing what we’re building here for quite some time. I want to be a part of such a fun system, in such a fun offense, be around for the right reasons. So, I definitely take respect where I can get it. So just continue to be that player I know I can be.

With the addition of Pascal Siakam, what kind of adjustments have you had to make to your game to supplement him?

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

MT: Not really much, bro. I honestly feel like he complements my game. If anything, he gives me open shots. Defensively, I’m able to clog the paint, grab my boards, and whatnot. And I think he’s been nothing but an asset to us at this point. This really helps what we’re trying to get done.

What was your impression of Tyrese Haliburton before and after he got here to Indy?

MT: The only reason I knew about him was ‘cause of his shot. Everybody is always talking his shooting form, but he was hitting shots, so it was interesting to me to see a player of his stature be as effective as he was. So I really didn’t know him as much of a point guard or as good of a passer as he was. He was just an effective player, so he was someone that was kind of like in their scouting report, but he wasn’t someone that was heavily scouted on with the attention.

So when he got here, he really got to break out of his shell, man. It was really dope just to see him take on success so fast. Within a year, a year and half, he’s already an All-Star, like the face of the city, people are embracing him as such. I just think it’s dope just to see him take it all so humbly and do it at such a great pace.

Was there a particular point when he came here that you thought, "Oh this is the guy... Indy’s got a good one here?"

Justin Casterline/Getty Images
Justin Casterline/Getty Images

MT: Oh yeah, for sure. When he first got here, it was already a losing season. At first, he wasn’t playing, dealing with injuries, and whatnot. We had basically a team of guys from the G League, guys that were end-of-bench players that were just finishing off the season. He was making everybody look good, bro. Our third or fourth string center was having 20 and 10 games. It’s incredible, he’s able to do it and make everybody around him so much better. So at that point, I was like, okay, he could definitely be a great connector and make things better for us.

He played with Team USA last summer. Did you notice improvements to his game a lot from last season to this season?

MT: Yeah, for sure. He always saw the floor so well, but I think when you go over there and play FIBA, it’s such a more physical style of basketball. He’s able to get downhill so much more effectively. I think he’s really opened up his game honestly over the past couple of years.

You’re now in your ninth season with the Pacers, the longest-tenured player on the team. When you look back at how you first came in as a rookie to now as a veteran, what does that feel like?

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

MT: Honestly, it’s all been a blur. Like for real. I’ve been fortunate enough to spend my entire career here in Indianapolis, and when I see young guys coming in, I just don’t see them lasting more than two or three years. They come in with a lot of hype and whatnot, but then it just dies down.

The first thing I tell people is you come into this, you got to keep your head down and work. Everybody wants to build you up and see you up top and they love to see you fall. Some people don’t get up from that fall, so I just tell people all the time, just keep your head down and keep working because one minute they love you, and the next they don’t. One thing they can never take away from you is your work ethic, and they got to respect that.

How relieved does it feel for you to finally not be in trade rumors this season?

MT: [Chuckles] Honestly, I still got PTSD from that, so I really didn’t even feel super secure at that. I was kinda expecting at least a rumor or something here and there, but I’m just very fortunate to be in the same position.

A little bit… I guess you can say that. I think it was just more of that we had a more clear-cut idea of the direction we were going with so it made it easier for me.

What are your thoughts on a potential Paul George reunion in Indiana?

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

MT: PG was my favorite teammate, personally. When I first got here to the league, he’s someone who took me under his wing, and obviously he’s one of the most dynamic players that’s out there right now. And I’ve always enjoyed and appreciated his approach to the game, so he’s definitely someone I rock with.

What are you doing with STARRY this weekend?

MT: So I’m glad you asked about STARRY. First off, I’ve been a long-time partner with them for really a majority of my career. They show a lot of support for me. So we’re here in Indianapolis at the All-Star Weekend. I’m inviting and hoping for fans to come out to 3’s for Charity. I’m inviting fans to come out and shoot as many threes as possible.

We’re trying to get a hundred threes in under an hour. We’re going to donate up to $32,000 to Gleaners Food Bank. Gleaners Food Bank is one of the biggest food banks here in Indiana. And actually last year, they dished out 100 million meals and took care of about a third of the food and environment as a whole. So it’s really cool, man. I think it goes hand in hand with my philanthropic endeavors. And I appreciate STARRY for giving me the opportunity and platform to display it.

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