Myles Garrett helmet hit is now a delightful tailgate piñata game

There are two ways to look at the whole Myles Garrett/Mason Rudolph Helmet-Swing-Gate (yeah, I know, it’s a terrible name): either it’s an indictment of a violent game ... or it’s a hell of a tailgate party trick.

Cleveland fans, never ones to revel too long in misery, have devised a brilliant little game that’s either a sign of a town willing to laugh, a town infuriated by Rudolph’s incitement, or a town indifferent to the depravity that was Garrett’s act. As always, you can decide for yourself which it is. Here’s what clevelanddotcom found at a tailgate:

Cleveland fans obviously have little patience for the Steelers, the NFL or Mason Rudolph himself. Garrett’s all-of-2019-and-counting suspension has enraged the Browns faithful, right up to team co-owner Dee Haslam.

As for this piñata swing: In typical Cleveland fashion, it’s a bit of a trainwreck. Your helmet-swinger is blindfolded, and in the course of these 90 seconds she tags at least two fellow tailgaters. Meanwhile, the piñata holder is moving the freaking thing like it’s loose in the backfield. Come on! Pick one or the other!

(Via @clevelanddotcom)
(Via @clevelanddotcom)

(One question: Where’d they find a Steelers helmet in Cleveland? Was it someone’s toilet?)

Eh, could be worse. If this was Buffalo, they’d just set the damn piñata on fire and be done with it.

(Via @clevelanddotcom)
(Via @clevelanddotcom)


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