My First Home Run: Pitcher Kyle Freeland goes yard and thinks 'holy crap'

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You always remember the first one — and that probably goes double for pitchers.

So far in our “My First Home Run” series, we’ve had position players re-tell the stories of their first homers in the big leagues. It’s quite a bit more rare, but pitchers hit dingers too. In fact, there’s an entire #PitchersWhoRake movement dedicated to it.

Kyle Freeland, the Colorado Rockies starter, is one of them. In his rookie season in 2017, he hit his first (and to this point, his only) home run. For a pitcher, that’s a moment that only warrants one reaction: “Holy crap!”

We’ll let Freeland tell his story from here, including the reaction in the dugout and what he thought when the ball left the bat.

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