'My First Home Run': Eric Hosmer tells the story of homering at Yankee Stadium

Mike Oz

You always remember the first one.

That’s especially true with home runs. Every baseball player remembers the first time they went deep — whether it was one of just a few they fit or one of hundreds in an illustrious career. But the first one never leaves you.

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“My First Home Run” is a new video series from Yahoo Sports in which MLB players re-tell the stories of their first home run. In coming weeks, we’ll hear from Los Angeles Dodgers star Justin Turner, Colorado Rockies pitcher Kyle Freeland and others.

But we start with San Diego Padres star Eric Hosmer, who hit his first big-league homer in one of baseball’s famous places — Yankee Stadium. At the time, Hosmer was a hot-shot prospect for the Kansas City Royals on his first roadtrip and his fifth game in the big leagues.

We’ll let Hosmer take it from there ...

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