Must see: Jets pull off wild hook-and-lateral play vs. shocked Dolphins defense

The New York Jets, owners of one of the weaker offenses in the NFL this season, were 0-for-15 on third downs of 15-plus yards entering Sunday's game.

So credit to them for trying something pretty novel to solve their third-and-long issue against the Miami Dolphins in Week 15.

Leading 17-10, the Jets faced third-and-15 at their own 20-yard line. And that's when they unleashed this puppy out of nowhere:

Wow! Your natural inclination might have been to check the clock — final few seconds of the half? No, there was still 1:46 left in the second quarter.

But that didn't stop the Jets from having Zach Wilson throw to Jamison Crowder ... who, after the 9-yard catch, threw it backward to Braxton Berrios, who did enough to get the first, sidewinding his way through a tackle-optional Dolphins D.

Credit to Jets offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur. He's taken some heat this season for the offense's sluggishness. But this hook-and-lateral style oof play design — whether LaFleur came up with it or stole it from someone else — was pretty snappy.

Why don't we see more of this type of play in non-end-of-half situations? Well, it's risky to be sure, but the Jets sure made it look fun — and perhaps pretty useful.