Can 'mushroom bacon' really compete with meat?

Is 'mushroom bacon' the new bacon?

Video Transcript

POPPY SHEN: Mushroom bacon is supposedly a healthy vegan alternative to pork. So we found this perfect, easy, 5-ingredient TikTok recipe that turns this portobello mushroom into crispy bacon in just 25 minutes.

Now we've tried many vegan bacon recipes before using weird ingredients such as banana peels and even bread. Can mushrooms really be the better alternative? Let's find out.


Here's how you make it. Cut the mushrooms into large slices, like this. Make a marinade with liquid smoke, garlic powder, onion powder, and agave, which is a natural sweetener. Toss and coat the mushrooms.

Now it's oven time. I lay the mushrooms on a preheated cast-iron griddle to help the mushrooms get crispier. Then bake at 400 degrees for 20 to 25 minutes. Now we wait.


Here are the mushroom bacon. They actually look pretty good. All right, let's talk about convenience first. So this recipe was extremely easy to follow. Simple ingredients. Easy steps.

A lot of the mushroom bacon recipes online I found, instead of just putting them in the oven, they dehydrate the mushrooms first. By going through the dehydration process will make these bacon a lot crisper, but I didn't go through that. These bacon are still kind of crispy, so I chose the easy way to go.

Next up, price. We always talk about prices because a lot of these vegan recipes are typically a lot more expensive. But these mushrooms, they was, like, 4 bucks for a pack of mushrooms. And regular bacon-- if you go to the grocery store in New York, a pack of bacon costs around $8, so it's pretty good in terms of the cost of this recipe.

Now the moment of truth. I'm going to taste them.


Ooh. Oh wow. They taste really good, actually. It's sweet. It savory. It's smoky. The taste really resembles regular bacon. The only difference is the crispiness, but I really don't mind it. Now I added these mushroom bacon into a green bowl with my quinoa, cherry tomatoes, and arugula. So I think it's one of the best salad toppings, because it's crispy, but it's mushrooms. It's healthy and tastes amazing.

Final review. So far, compared to banana peels, carrots, bread, and all the other vegan alternatives I've tried to replace pork, I think mushrooms are the best alternative so far.