Multisport Mobility Bootcamp: Week 4

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Now that you've made good progress with the movements we've given you so far, week four of Triathlete‘s Multisport Mobility Bootcamp is going to be about improving your strength and endurance. A great coach and friend, Bobby McGee once said, "There is no courage in defeated mechanics." Performing to your potential in these tests, and in your sport, is all about maintaining efficiency as you fatigue. From years of testing athletes in relative strength, I know that repetitions will vary depending on your gym age, but fatigue starts kicking in at about 40 seconds, so maintaining proper mechanical tension in the 20 seconds that follow will help improve your dynamic capacity.

That's why this week you'll repeat the drills from last week to continue cementing these movement patterns, while increasing your time under tension. However, the number of sets will decrease so that you can reinforce and expand your capacities per set while reducing your total volume from the week before. Work on maintaining good posture and breathing patterns through these longer sets, and by the end of the week you will be ready to PR in your testing!

If you weren't able to progress to these movements last week, that's okay. You can either try to do them this week--after building some more strength--or you can continue to do the movements from the series that feel most appropriate for your level of strength and coordination.

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This week's circuit:

Sets & Reps:

Session 1: 2 x 40-60 seconds with 1-minute rest

Session 2: 2 x 40-60 seconds with 1-minute rest

Session 3: Testing – Repeat the original test and compare to your results from four weeks ago. We know you have come a long way in just four weeks, so share your results on our Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter!

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