Multisport Mobility Bootcamp: Week 3

This article originally appeared on Triathlete

Welcome to week three of Triathlete‘s Multisport Mobility Bootcamp! In the first two weeks of this program, you built your mind-to-muscle connection and learned to properly engage the muscles needed for the testing movements. This week, you're going to work on building strength, coordination, and dynamic tempo with trunk control.

However, note that some athletes need a little more time to cement the basics of the movement patterns. If you found that you were still having trouble steering your hips with control during the week 2 plan, you may want to do another round of those sessions before moving on. You'll have a chance to be more dynamic next week once you have more control.

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Multisport Mobility Bootcamp: Week 3

Sets & Reps:

Session 1: 4 x 20-40 seconds with 1-minute rest
Session 2: 4 x 20-40 seconds with 1-minute rest
Session 3: Testing – Repeat the original testing movements, but this time do 3 circuits of 40 seconds, (with 1-minute rest), seeing if you can beat your original pace.

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