Multi-sport athletes help build up Oak Hill tennis

Apr. 10—Terry Rogers is in his first full season as the head tennis coach at Oak Hill. If growing the team was one of his early goals, consider it conquered.

He had been an assistant and when he came aboard, the team had less than 10 players combined.

"When we got started, I guess a year and a half ago, they had like two boys and four girls," Rogers said. "This year we have 10 girls and 12 boys."

As is often the case, Rogers had to start making his rounds, talking to athletes from other Red Devils sports and convince them to give tennis a try.

"I also referee high school soccer in this area and I saw some of the high school kids and I said, 'Hey, how would you like to try a new sport?'" Rogers said. "They were like, 'Yeah, that might be it!' and they started bringing their buddies with them.

"So now some of mine are football players, some are soccer players, some are volleyball players."

The increase in numbers has also lent itself to an increase in athleticism, and both teams are undefeated. The girls team is 9-0 and the boys are 7-0.

One of those crossover athletes is senior Ian Maynor. In his first year of tennis, Maynor is the No. 1 boys seed and carries a 4-0 record. He recently signed to golf at WVU Tech.

His sister, Jenna Maynor, is a freshman and is the girls No. 1. She is 8-1 on the year.

Their dad Jim played football at West Virginia University and mom Athena was a collegiate volleyball player. Jenna also plays volleyball for Oak Hill.

"I told Ian one day, 'I think your sister may be the best athlete on our team,' and he said, 'My sister's the best athlete in our household,'" Rogers said.

Sophomore Andrew Wingrove (6-1) is the boys No. 2 seed. He is the younger brother of Oak Hill boys soccer coach Blake Wingrove.

"Last year he came out as a freshman and was my No. 1 seed," Rogers said. "He took his lumps as a No. 1 freshman. He was kind of glad that Ian came along and not necessarily beat him out, but he was like, 'I don't mind playing No. 2 as a sophomore and let somebody else take on some of these guys."

The No. 3 seed is sophomore Zev Knight (5-0). He and Wingrove are both soccer players. The fourth seed is junior Ayden Peters (4-1), who is in his third year.

Knight and Wingrove (6-0) are the No. 1 doubles team.

"I kept them together because they are sophomores and they had played together last year, so hopefully over the next years as they become juniors and seniors they'll be one of the top teams in the region I hope," Rogers said.

No. 2 are Maynor and Peters (3-0). At No. 3 are freshman Jacob Schwarz and senior Abram Whitt (2-0). Schwarz is a first-year tennis player. Whitt came out at the urging of Maynor, his best friend.

The No. 2 girls seed is senior Gracie Littreal (8-1), another volleyball player. She is the captain and only four-year player on the team.

"She kind of keeps everybody in line, takes care of the administrative stuff," Rogers said.

Sophomore Julia Marty (7-0) worked her way up to No. 3 after being an alternate last season. No. 4 is senior Hayleigh Burdette (5-0) and a volleyball teammate of Maynor and Littreal.

Maynor and Littreal (7-0) team up at No. 1 doubles. The No. 2 team is Marty and Burdette (5-0).

No. 3 doubles has been a combination of junior Payton Mahood and freshmen Olivia Tweeddale and Ava Queen. The Red Devils are a combined 4-0 at that spot.

All the seniors were honored after Wednesday's match against South Charleston, a team that brought only two girls and three boys.

Several of the Red Devils' opponents to date have been in that situation, but they are about to hit the meat of their schedule. Oak Hill will travel to Greenbrier East on Thursday and host Woodrow Wilson on Friday.

"We haven't played the Woodrows and the Greenbrier Easts just because of rainouts, and (George Washington) is usually the standard in our region," Rogers said. "We've had them scheduled but haven't had a chance to play those teams because the weather has been so crazy this spring."