'How do you make multi-millionaires run?'

 Pep Guardiola watches on
[Getty Images]

Former Tottenham midfielder Jamie Redknapp discussing Manchester City's 4-0 win at Brighton on Sky Sports: "Why I admire Manchester City so much is what Pep has created with his team, which is one of the hardest things in the world.

"How do you make multi-millionaires run, and run hard when you haven't got the ball?

"It's not just all about playing out from the back and that side of the game. That's why I love Man City. It's relentless.

"Manchester City are so hard to press. Not only do they outnumber you but they also have the goalkeeper who can hit passes like that [to Kyle Walker in the build-up to the fourth goal].

"Ederson makes you press-resistant. When you have got that asset, when you are under pressure, that is like Kevin de Bruyne."

Former Manchester City and Arsenal defender Gael Clichy on Sky Sports added: "You work so hard to achieve and they made history last year. But if City can get that fourth trophy in a row, it will take them somewhere else.

"But also I think Arsenal deserve it, with young players and the goals they score. They would be a perfect champion."