Mulan' fans freak out over Ming-Na Wen's 'ageless' red carpet appearance

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Ming-Na Wen starred in the original “Mulan” more than two decades ago…. but her recent, “ageless” red carpet appearance has several fans saying she looks exactly the same. The Chinese-American actress, who played the titled character in the 1998 animated classic, stepped out for the premiere of Disney’s live-action version. Wen left social media in a frenzy after the event, which took place in Los Angeles. Although it’s been 22 years since the original “Mulan” debuted, many Twitter users expressed their disbelief that the actress had aged at all. Others took their praise a step further, going as far as to say that Wen looked even younger than her 1998 self. Wen, meanwhile had her own positive thoughts to share regarding the premiere. The actress tweeted two photos of herself on the red carpet, saying she spent the night feeling like a “glam princess”

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