How much value did Eagles gain by losing on Sunday?

Dave Zangaro
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How much value did Eagles gain by losing on Sunday? originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

Since it’s a debate that continues to rage a couple days after the game, it’s time to figure out how much the Eagles actually gained by losing in Week 17.

You can argue about the merits of tanking — heck, maybe you don’t even think the Eagles tanked — but first we should all take a look at what the Eagles had to gain.

Because ending up with the No. 6 pick in the draft instead of the No. 9 pick is pretty significant.

Before you say it was or wasn’t worth it — and I’m not here to argue that one way or the other — I think we all need to know what was gained from the Eagles’ losing to Washington in Week 17.

With a win, the Eagles would have ended up with the No. 9 pick. With the loss, they ended up with the No. 6 pick.

According to the class draft value chart (via DraftTek), which has been used for trades over many years, the difference between the No. 6 and 9 picks is 250 points, which is equivalent to the value of a high third-round pick. According to the value chart, the fourth pick in the third round also has a value of 250 points.

There will eventually be compensatory picks awarded so it’s hard to figure all the numbers out but the Eagles also improved their value in subsequent rounds as well. They will also be three spots higher in Rounds 2-7.

But even discounting subsequent rounds and even putting aside the possibility that the Eagles might trade the No. 6 pick thanks to the extra value, there’s just a better chance they add a great player at 6 than at 9. Duh.

Take a look at the histories of those two picks, via StatHead:

No. 6

14 Hall of Famers

46 Pro Bowl players

26 All-Pro players

No. 9

8 Hall of Famers 

38 Pro Bowl players

19 All-Pro players

Now, I know what you’re thinking. It doesn’t matter if they’re at 6 or 9 as long as Howie Roseman is making the pick. You were thinking it, weren’t you?

But if you don’t trust Roseman in the draft, you would want him to have every possible advantage. Not only did the Eagles end up with the higher pick, but Roseman also ended up with more ammo going into this year’s draft.

The Eagles went about this wrong. Had they just started Nate Sudfeld in the second half, no one would have a problem with this. Or if the Washington Football Team had been able to beat a team that basically has its B-squad out there, it would have masked what the Eagles were doing. But those things didn’t happen and it seemed pretty clear someone gave the tanking order.

At least now you know what the Eagles gained from it. I’ll let you decide if it was worth it or not.

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