Here’s how much it’ll cost the Rams to tender RFAs such as Alaric Jackson, Michael Hoecht

In addition to a large group of unrestricted free agents, the Los Angeles Rams will also have several decisions to make on restricted free agents this offseason. A restricted free agent is a player with an expiring contract who’s only accrued three seasons, which applies to the likes of Alaric Jackson and Michael Hoecht, among others.

There are different levels of a restricted free agent tender, depending on how difficult the team wants to make it for another team to sign the player. For instance, a team can use a first-round tender on a player so that if he signs an offer sheet elsewhere, the team will receive a first-round pick as compensation.

On Friday, the NFL announced the tender amounts for restricted free agents, giving fans an idea of how much it’ll cost the Rams to keep their RFAs this offseason.

  • First-round tender: $6.822 million

  • Second-round tender: $4.89 million

  • Right of first refusal tender: $2.985 million

Below is a list of the Rams’ restricted free agents in 2024.

  • Alaric Jackson

  • Michael Hoecht

  • Christian Rozeboom

  • Jonah Williams

  • Tyler Johnson

It’s possible the Rams will not use a tender on any of the above players, but Jackson and Hoecht are two strong candidates to be tendered. If the Rams use the right of first refusal option, they will receive no compensation if the player leaves to sign with another team.

For that reason, the Rams might consider using the second-round tender on Jackson, knowing a team is unlikely to give up a second-round pick to sign him. With Hoecht, the best option is a right of first refusal tender of $2.985 million, though even that might be a bit too rich for Los Angeles’ taste.

Story originally appeared on Rams Wire