MSG Implements AI for Knicks, Rangers Highlights on Social Accounts

MSG Networks will bolster its coverage of the New York Rangers and Knicks this season by curating highlights and clip packages for social distribution using Infosys’ Topaz AI platform.

Rather than staffers manually cutting and tagging key plays, the network will rely on an artificial intelligence model that can record those moments and automatically package them together later.

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“We know our fans expect immediate highlights of momentous dunks or goals, and other memorable plays throughout our game coverage,” Kevin Marotta, MSG Networks SVP, marketing and research, said in a statement. “Infosys’ AI technology will allow us to deliver these types of highlights quickly to our rabid Knicks and Rangers fans.”

Infosys, a digital services and consulting company, has been MSG’s digital innovation partner since 2021. Earlier this year, it teamed up with the French Open to bring AI features to Roland Garros.

“Our technology collaboration with MSG is bringing the fan experience to new heights with AI-powered highlights enabled by Infosys Topaz,” Rajesh Varrier, Infosys EVP, head of digital experience, said in a statement. “New York fans expect greatness from their teams, and this innovation will give them rapid access to relive exceptional plays and is reflective of MSG’s commitment to making the fan experience unparalleled.”

The computer vision skills that MSG Networks will be employing are slightly different than the generative functionality that has grabbed headlines over the last year. These systems often operate in the background, performing tasks more efficiently than previously possible. Over time, they can also identify which content performs best among different audiences, helping programmers to know what to share and when.

In a day and age when most social platforms rely on complex algorithms to determine which content will be served to which user, it can be helpful for the content producers to have an algorithm on their side, too.

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