‘Mr. Robot’ threw not-so-subtle shade at Donald Trump

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Wednesday’s episode of Mr. Robot gave an overt dig at Donald Trump and his resort, Mar-a-Lago. A scene began with a shot of a drink being placed on a Mar-a-Lago cocktail napkin. Powerful characters Whiterose and Phillip Price were seen celebrating in a large ballroom with gaudy pink and purple lights.

After a bit of dialogue, Price said, “Another fine choice of venue by Sergey.”

Whiterose remarked, “Utterly tasteless.”

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Price continued, “I passed that buffoon of an owner in the lobby. You’re gonna take him up on his offer to go boating tomorrow?”

The two then joked about the “owner’s” swim trunks and how they’re a bit too snug and a bit too short.

Normally for a real estate baron like Donald Trump, having two powerful characters such as Dark Army leader Whiterose and E-Corp mogul Phillip Price visit your resort would be a good thing — but it turns out the fictional characters had some harsh opinions.

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