Which Mountain West Teams Look Set to Compete in March Madness 2023?

March Madness is around the corner once again and there will be many across the Mountain West region who will expect to see the college programs that qualify perform a lot better than last time.

Indeed, the 2022 NCAA Tournament was one that was certainly worth forgetting in an instant. Not a single team from this conference was able to put a win on the board, despite the fact that four teams had managed to qualify.

Wyoming had experienced defeat in the First Four, whereas SDSU, Boise State, and Colorado State had each lost their first round contests. As a result, 2022’s March Madness was miserable, although far from a shock for the conference.

Poor Form Shown by Mountain West Teams in March Madness History

If you look back at the record books, the last time a team from the conference had managed to record a win was back in 2015 when SDSU were able to record a win in the first round. The college program also managed to make the Sweet 16 stage in 2014.

Nonetheless, it is an entirely new year and one that many will be excited about as those in the Ohio region will finally be able to enjoy legal wagering on the sporting spectacle. As a result of the change in laws, basketball enthusiasts are now able to place wagers using the exclusive Betfred Ohio promos code that is on offer in order to enhance their experiences of the incredible NCAA Tournament.

However, with the poor form throughout history in this competition by this conference, those that may be considering brackets and the possibility of wagering on teams from the region may want to consider which teams may be able to qualify for the 2023 March Madness tournament.

Which Mountain West Teams Could Be About To Qualify For 2023 March Madness?

As of the time of writing, there is a real possibility that there could be an increase on the four teams that represented the MW last season in the tournament. Indeed, it would seem that there is an opportunity for five college programs.

But, in truth, it might only seem like a really slim chance at this moment, too, as there is still plenty of work to do by some teams.

SDSU look set to make a reappearance at the 2023 March Madness competition as they are firmly in the hunt for a place. The team is currently playing for a Mountain West title and NCAA Tournament seeding. Boise State also looks set to claim a place, although they will need to be careful as there is little margin for error at this stage of the season; they can still compete with SDSU for the MW title, though.

Nevada are in a similar position to Boise State, as they have managed to record big wins that have put them in the hunt but have also ultimately left themselves with little room for error throughout the run-in. Utah State and New Mexico both appear to be on the bubble at the moment, with the latter of the pairing actually on the wrong side of it.

With the Mountain West Tournament being a sure-fire way of qualifying, though, as the league’s automatic bid, there is still everything to play for!

Story originally appeared on Mountain West Wire