Mountain biker repeatedly slams his MTB onto $120,000 Tesla super car in a series of wild stunts

 The Tesla Cybertruck.
The Tesla Cybertruck.

The Tesla Cybertruck is a mad machine that looks like it could have come straight off the set of Blade Runner. Like the best electric mountain bikes, the Cybertruck is an electrically powered ATV designed to handle rugged environments and with its flat-paneled stainless steel body and armored glass, is designed to shrug off just about anything the planet can throw at it.

Those flat panels combine with angled bodywork to make the Tesla truck look temptingly like a portable and very expensive ramp though. So after finding a Cybertruck owner crazy enough to let him, MTB stunt rider, Christian Peper, decided to put the truck's ramp-like qualities to the test in a series of jumps onto and off this $120,000 vehicle. You can see how things went below.

As you can see in the footage, there's a lot of flex in the glass panels and you can bet the owner could barely watch – particularly when Christian compresses into a jump on his Cannondale Habit causing the windscreen to bulge ominously in the process.

It was also wet when the video was shot, making things much trickier as grip would be at a premium on the super smooth surfaces. In the clip, Christian exclaims that his rear wheel drifted sideways eight inches when manualing over the wet glass of the windscreen.

As you'd imagine, the team had clearly done plenty of prep beforehand though and you can see Christian testing to see if the Cybertruck can handle bike landings and take-offs in the video below.

For more on Christian's MTB escapades, follow christian.peper on Instagram or check out his website – If you want to see more on the Cybertruck in the video and other supercars, check out supercar_ron.