Motocross 2024 Thunder Valley 250 points, results: Chance Hymas scores first moto win

Haiden Deegan remained undefeated in three rounds of the 250 Pro Motocross Series at Thunder Valley Motocross Park in Lakewood, Colorado, as Chance Hymas won his first moto in Round 20 of the SuperMotocross World Championship.

The importance of a strong start was underscored in both races as Deegan's holeshot in Moto 1 put him out front for most of the race. A fall near the end of that moto allowed Tom Vialle to take the lead momentarily, but Deegan was determined not to let his crash define his effort. He remounted and reclaimed the lead with two laps remaining to win his fourth moto in the first three rounds. Deegan finished second in the second moto to take the overall win and retain the red plate.

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Hymas got the best start of his short career and earned the holeshot in Moto 2, where he built a gap of more than seven and a half seconds by Lap 10. He maintained a sizeable distance to Deegan until the final lap when he allowed Deegan to trim the deficit to 3.9 seconds, but he was never truly challenged in the race. Hymas was scored second overall after finishing 4-1.

After the second Moto, Vialle said he made too many mistakes. He rode wide under pressure from Deegan in Moto 1 and gave up the lead with time running off the clock. He finished off the podium in the second race on his way to a 2-4 finish on the day.

MX 2024 Rd 03 Thunder Valley Hunter Lawrence jumps high.jpg
MX 2024 Rd 03 Thunder Valley Hunter Lawrence jumps high.jpg

Motocross 2024 Thunder Valley 450 points, results: Hunter Lawrence becomes third red plate holder

The first three rounds of 2024 have produced three different points leaders.

  • Dan Beaver


  • Dan Beaver


Finishing fourth overall, the highlight of Jo Shimoda's Thunder Valley trip was his podium in Moto 2. He has a fifth in the first race and now has a three-moto streak of top-fives. Shimoda will need to challenge for more podiums if he wants to pass the four riders ahead of him in the championship standings.

Levi Kitchen struggled to find the right lines around Thunder Valley and was never in serious contention for the win. He podiumed in the first race, but a fall in Moto 2 destroyed his rhythm, and he fell back to seventh in the rundown. Kitchen retains the lead in the combined SuperMotocross standings by a slim two-point margin, but is losing contact with Deegan in the Motocross championship. Kitchen trails Deegan there by 25 points, equivalent to one moto.

SX 2023 Rd 11 Seattle Michael Mosiman in bowl turn.JPG
SX 2023 Rd 11 Seattle Michael Mosiman in bowl turn.JPG

Star Racing updates Michael Mosiman condition, not expected to return for Pro Motocross

Monster Energy Yamaha Star Racing says Michael Mosiman will be out 12 weeks, which ends just after the Pro Motocross finale.

  • Dan Beaver


  • Dan Beaver


Ty Masterpool is finally getting comfortable on his new Kawasaki and is learning how to handle the lower powerband. Finishing eight in Moto 1 and sixth in Moto 2, he had his best round to date and finished seventh overall.

Here are the 250 Motocross results and points standings after Round 3 in Lakewood, Colorado:


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Moto 1
Lap Chart
Individual Lap Times
Fastest Segment Times

Moto 2
Lap Chart
Individual Lap Times
Fastest Segment Times

Pro Motocross Rider Points
SuperMotocross Rider Points
Motocross Manufacturer Points

Here is the finishing order of Round 3 in Thunder Valley (points earners):

1. Haiden Deegan, 1 - 2 (47)
2. Chance Hymas, 4 - 1 (43)
3. Tom Vialle, 2 - 4 (40)
4. Jo Shimoda, 5 - 3 (37)
5. Levi Kitchen, 3 - 7 (35)
6. Jalek Swoll, 7 - 5 (32)
7. Ty Masterpool, 8 - 6 (30)
8. Pierce Brown, 6 - 9 (29)
9. Julien Beaumer, 9 - 10 (25)
10. Jordon Smith, 11 - 11 (22)
11. Nicholas Romano, 12 - 12 (20)
12. Joseph Savatgy, 17 - 8 (19)
13. Coty Schock, 14 - 13 (17)
14. Dilan Schwartz, 10 - 18 (16)
15. Ryder DiFrancesco, 18 - 14 (12)
16. Casey Cochran, 16 - 16 (12)
17. Daxton Bennick, 15 - 17 (12)
18. Ryder McNabb, 13 - 23 (9)
19. Mark Fineis, 32 - 15 (7)
20. Jett Reynolds, 20 - 19 (5)
21. Talon Hawkins, 19 - 21 (4)
22. Lux Turner, 27 - 20 (2)
23. Crockett Myers, 21 - 26 (1)

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