Most popular fantasy football team names in 2022: Here are 12 to consider before Week 1 kicks off

So, you've drafted your fantasy team for the 2022 season. It never looks better than it does before the season, full of stars, breakout candidates and potential league-winners. But, of course, even though you successfully completed your draft, there's still something missing.

Something extremely important and essential: You have to NAME your team!

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(I have been told that naming your fantasy football team is neither that important nor that essential, but ... oh well, I'm running with it, too late to turn back now.)

Personally, I take naming my teams very, very seriously. Any time I join a new league, I change my team name to "TBD" (To be determined) until draft time. Once I have secured my first-round player, I then name my team something related to him.

Here's a couple of mine thus far: "One Batch Two Batch Penny & Dime" (channeling Jon Bernthal's iconic Punisher after drafting Rashaad Penny) and "It's the Adams Family!" (drafting Davante Adams pretty much names your team for you).

This is an easy way to come up with a name (and it's my superstitious way of hoping my first-round pick leads me to the promised land — spoiler alert: It hasn't worked), but it's just how I do it — there are so many ways YOU can approach naming YOUR team.

Here are some suggestions for your 2022 fantasy team name

Below you’ll find some of the most unique, creative and hilarious team names from the Yahoo Fantasy community. You just might find some inspiration!

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What will you do with your 30 characters when it’s time to name your team?

'The Brady Bunch'

This name is proof of just how easy it is to come up with a fun, creative name for your team. We can assume this fantasy manager had Tom Brady on their team, who likely gave them a big boost last season (Brady led the league in passing yards, after all). And with Brady at the lead of a fantasy squad, it just fits to adopt the title of a classic sitcom for this team name.

'Herb Your Enthusiasm' and 'Hannibal Ekeler'

Drafting both Justin Herbert and Austin Ekeler is likely one of the best stacks you can have in 2022, as both players come into this season ranked in the top five of their respective positions.

And of course, their names just so happen to fit perfectly (well, maybe not perfectly, but at least phonetically) combined with one of the greatest shows and horror icons of all time.


Ryu of Street Fighter fame has some of the most iconic movesets in fighting-game history. Usually, it's his "Hadouken!" most think of first, but we can't forget his devastating uppercut move known as the "Shoryuken" — which also happens to fit very well with a certain uber-talented wide receiver on the San Francisco 49ers.

'Judge Jeudy'

This one might be even easier than "The Brady Bunch." All one has to do is add a letter to Judge Judy's name and BOOM — you got a great fantasy team name that reflects a popular breakout candidate in the Broncos' young receiver.

Jeudy's path to a 2022 breakout just got a lot clearer, too, albeit in an unfortunate fashion, after it was announced that fellow wideout Tim Patrick suffered an ACL tear in training camp.

'Among Us St. Brown'

I mean, Amon-Ra St. Brown's name is already incredible on its own, leaving us full of opportunities to use his name for our teams. This one — combining the explosive second-year wideout's name with one of the more popular video games out — is particularly funny and creative. And special kudos to the fantasy manager for working up this image to go with it:

'Cobra Kyler'

My favorite of this bunch. Sometimes a player's name matches up with the title of something completely unrelated at a phonetic level, combining together to form a quality fantasy team name.

In this case, we can take Kyler Murray's first name — the first part of "Kyler" being "Ky" which is pronounced nearly identically to "Kai" — and mix it with one of the most notorious karate dojos in pop-culture history, Cobra Kai. Thus, Cobra Kyler is born. It also helps that the lightning speed in which Murray can take off at a moment's notice isn't too far off from a cobra striking.

Kyler Murray #1 of the Arizona Cardinals is a fantasy star
Kyler Murray's first name can be used to create an awesome fantasy team name. (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)

'Fields of Dreams'

Justin Fields' rookie season was more of a nightmare than a dream, but Bears fans and fantasy managers alike are likely still hoping for a scenario where Fields puts his natural tools together to become an elite dual-threat fantasy option at quarterback.

"If you build it, he will come." (And score some rushing touchdowns.)

'Throwing Mooney Olave The Place'

One of my favorites on this list. Both Darnell Mooney and Chris Olave come into the season with paths to big upside. Who knows? Maybe drafting both of them will have you throwing money all over the place after winning your fantasy championship.

'Diggs in a Blanket'

I'm honestly upset for not thinking of this one myself, considering Stefon Diggs was my second pick in a draft last season — and pigs in blankets are pretty delicious.


This one hurt my soul a bit:

'Rollin with MaHomies'

Patrick Mahomes, aside from being quarterback-god of this universe, also bears a last name that is pretty good at turning into a fantasy team name. Specifically, the "Mahome" part of Mahomes.

And of course, what is a fantasy league if not a way to roll through the NFL season with your homies?

So, that's our list of 2021's most-popular team names — can you top any of these? Hit us up at @YahooFantasy

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