'The most important thing is he cares deeply about Everton'

Sean Dyche looks on
[Getty Images]

Football journalist Henry Winter has been speaking to BBC Radio Merseyside about Sean Dyche's impact at Everton during a difficult 18 months: "That is why Sean Dyche is so good because he will take all these things in his stride.

"He has been the voice of the club when other people maybe should have spoken up. He has been the fighter in the dressing room, he has stirred the players up, making sure they are focused and getting the points.

"In the end Everton stayed up quite easily. You have a fire going on there and you needed a firefighter. One or two people have problems with Dyche's style of football but in one of the darkest hours in your history you have this beacon of light, this strong individual. Players respond to him, fans respond to him and I just think he has been magnificent for Everton.

"I think he has always felt a little bit like [he doesn't get credit he deserves]. When he was at Burnley and I would speak to him or a player there, he would always say he doesn't get the credit he deserves and maybe it is more fashionable to go abroad.

"But, he is a very good manager. People listen to the voice and look at him and think he is a bouncer outside his beloved old club he used to go to in Manchester. But what they don't realise is if you went to the training ground at Burnley when he was there, how much it changed under him.

"There is a lot more to Dyche than perceived. He is a good manager who thinks deeply about the game, but the most important thing is he cares deeply about Everton Football Club."

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